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Legal Help With Key Estate Planning Needs

Ideally, you want to be the one making the decisions about what will happen to your assets after you die or if you become mentally or physically incapacitated. Do you need a will or a trust? Or do you need both? The Law Office of Ashley McCartney, LLC, in Atlanta, is experienced in estate planning and will answer your questions to set you in the right direction.

Key Components Of Wills And Trusts

With more than a decade guiding clients in the Atlanta metro area, attorney Ashley McCartney will help you gain peace of mind by creating an effective estate plan that fits your needs. Here are a few things to know about wills:

  • A will transfers the assets you own to beneficiaries after you die. Important aspects of a will include naming an executor who carries out the terms and wishes of the will and a guardian for your minor children.
  • As your life changes, so should your will. The reasons for updating a will are many and include getting married, getting divorced, becoming a parent, receiving a significant inheritance, buying a home or starting a business.
  • A will must be verified through a legal process known as probate before a judge. This process can be costly and time-consuming.
  • If you don’t have a will, the state will decide what happens to your assets.

Here are some of the key components of trusts:

  • Rather than creating a will, many people choose a living or revocable trust that allows you to manage your estate and designate assets to beneficiaries while you are still alive.
  • You can change the terms within the trust anytime.
  • You will maintain more privacy with living trusts, which are not a matter of public record. Wills are, though.
  • You can avoid probate with a trust.

Whatever you choose to do with estate planning, our law firm will guide you in making solid decisions that, ultimately, respect your surviving family members.

Contact An Estate Planning Attorney Now

You have made the decision to create an estate plan, but what will it look like? Whether considering a will or a trust, you need a seasoned estate planning attorney who can guide you in the right direction. For more than a decade, The Law Office of Ashley McCartney, LLC, in Atlanta, has represented clients from throughout Fulton and DeKalb counties. For an initial consultation, contact us or call 404-874-0240.