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Your Support And Advocate During A Difficult Time

At The Law Office of Ashley McCartney, LLC, we consider ourselves to be counselors as much as we are attorneys. We know that whatever you are going through will have a major impact on your life, and we want you to know that we are here for you. We have helped clients throughout Georgia when it matters most.

Making This As Easy As Possible For You

As your attorney, Ashley McCartney will craft a parenting plan that accommodates your needs, your children’s needs and those of your spouse, so the child spends appropriate time with each parent and the financial burden of raising the children is still shared. She can help you plan for the future and represent you in traffic violations and criminal charges.

Our goal is to resolve your legal issue and get you moving forward into the next chapter in your life as quickly and efficiently as possible. To learn more about Ashley, please click on the link below:

We offer compassionate representation. However, we are accomplished in the courtroom and will fight for your rights. Our goal is always to get you the best result possible for you, whether you are going through a divorce, a modification of your divorce decree, contempt or an adoption.

Put Experienced Representation On Your Side; Call Today

Call us at 404-874-0240 or contact The Law Office of Ashley McCartney, LLC, to discover all of your legal options. The attorney helps you get on with your life. Our law firm serves Fulton County and all of metro Atlanta.