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Helping Military Families Deal With Family Law Issues That Only They Face

The nature of military duty affects a divorce in ways that are different from civilian families. Many times, one spouse is deployed overseas during or after the divorce. At nap_names, we factor these differences into your final divorce decree and help you find ways to manage co-parenting and deployment as your family transitions from one form to another.

The Challenges Of Divorce While Serving Our Country

Military families face a number of different things they need to consider when going through a divorce. These include:

  • Division of retirement accounts
  • Division of military benefits
  • Determination of the military spouse’s full income for purpose of child support payments and alimony payments
  • Parenting time for the deployed spouse

Our lawyer sits down with you to look at your financial situation and the deployment schedules that will affect you and your family. We examine the impact that combat pay may have on child support and alimony payments versus when the military spouse is in Georgia. We evaluate the amount of increase in the military spouse’s retirement accounts and the value of other military benefits as part of the division of property.

The Importance Of Continual Involvement In Your Children’s Life

As each spouse considers how much time he or she will have with the children, we look at future deployments and how they will impact parenting time. We develop a parenting plan that accommodates the deployed parent’s schedule and ensures that he or she does not forfeit his or her rights to time with the children because of deployment. Our Atlanta military divorce attorney has worked with many military families to find solutions to maintaining the relationship with the parent who is deployed while he or she is at home or away.

Our goal is to find a balance that allows couples with one or both members involved in the military to move forward with their lives while still being able to co-parent their children.

Serving Military Members And Their Families

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