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2 benefits of being the one to file for divorce

For many couples, divorce begins with a waiting game. Neither spouse thinks the relationship will last for the rest of their lives anymore, but neither one wants to seem like the villain in the story by making the decision to file for divorce. Some people stay...

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When did LGBTQ divorce become legal in Georgia?

For most of Georgia’s history, same-sex couples were not allowed to get married. This doesn’t mean that there weren’t LGBTQ couples in Georgia, of course, but simply that they were only allowed to cohabitate and could not be legally married. To do that, they would...

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Is your spouse hiding assets?

When a married couple divorces in Georgia, wealth and assets acquired during the course of the marriage are to be divided between the spouses. Unfortunately, some people can't simply part with their fair share of the marital estate. They hide assets, underreport...

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