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Helping LGBT & Same Sex Couples Seeking to Adopt a Child

The Law Office of Ashley McCartney, LLC provides tailored advice to LGBT couple seeking to adopt a child. In some cases, we recommend Stepparent Adoption where a child is brought into a marriage and the spouse wants to adopt the child. In other cases, the child may have been conceived through In Vitro Fertilization or other Assisted Reproductive Technologies and certain legal measure need to be taken to ensure the security of the family.

Some couples adopt through a Third-Party Adoption process when they have found a child to adopt from a friend, agency or other third party. Others receive a child into their lives from DFACS or a relative. Each family is unique and we tailor our legal advice to your family’s needs. Building families is a cornerstone of the LGBT community and we are here to help.

Providing You Individualized Attention

In Georgia, different forms of adoption have different requirements. Because of this, our lawyer is very specific about what you need to know as you go through the adoption process and what rules you must comply with. We communicate clearly and often with you, so you understand what is going on every step of the way. We work with you to fulfill the requirements for your adoption, so we can get a hearing scheduled as quickly as possible to finalize your adoption and help you begin your new family relationship.

Let us help build your family through an LGBT adoption.

Call The Law Office of Ashley McCartney, LLC, at 404-874-0240, or contact us, so that we can discuss the adoption process with you. We will work hard to provide you with the desired result. We accept credit cards for payment.