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Knowledgeable Paternity Counsel

In Georgia, when a child is born out of wedlock, both parents are automatically responsible for the child support and maintenance. Of course, if a man objects to paternity, he can request a DNA test. Parents who do not seek the assistance of the court in establishing paternity and child support put themselves in a precarious position because neither parent knows what to expect of the other and there can be consequences you may not have anticipated.

Whether you are a mother who wants to receive child support from the child’s father, a father who wants to take that responsibility or a man who is denying the child is his, The Law Office of Ashley McCartney, LLC, can help you.

Helping You Establish The Paternity Of Your Child

Unwed parents are given the opportunity to voluntarily declare paternity at the time of the child’s birth or shortly thereafter by signing a Paternity Acknowledgement (PA) form. If this is submitted, the father becomes liable for child support.

  • If a mother seeks child support from the child’s father, it is up to the father to either request a DNA test or consent to paternity. Some men may become blindsided by this process and, once a child support order is established, it is very difficult to undo.
  • If a man is denying paternity of a child, a DNA test may be required to prove he is not the father.

Whatever your situation, our Atlanta paternity attorney helps you establish your position and works diligently to prove it to the courts.

What Is Legitimation?

Legitimation gives fathers the opportunity to have Georgia law recognize them as a legal parent, pursue custody and visitation of their children and establish decision-making powers for major life decisions during the child’s minority. It also allows a child to inherit from his or her father and receive Social Security benefits if his or her father passes away during his or her childhood. Without legitimation, the mother of your child does have the right to refuse to allow you to see your child, even if you are paying child support.

If you are seeking to legitimate your relationship with your child, our lawyer helps you pursue that legal relationship. We negotiate with your child’s mother or her attorney to establish a parenting plan, so you have visitation rights and parenting time with your child and your child’s mother receives the proper amount of child support.

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