3 reasons families find themselves considering adoption

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Adoption is something that many people don’t consider until they may benefit from it. Families in a broad range of circumstances might decide that adoption is the right choice.

Although it can be a complex legal process, adoption can give a child a family and an adoptive parent the legal authority and responsibility for a minor they love. The most common reasons for people to grow their families by adoption happen more frequently than you might expect.

Health issues or infertility

Some people would love to have a child but have medical issues that make pregnancy unsafe or ethically problematic.

An individual undergoing cancer treatment may choose adoption out of concern for how the radiation and chemotherapy they receive might affect their ovum and the future well-being of any child they conceive. Those with certain genetic conditions or life-threatening medical issues may also choose to forgo traditional reproduction and look into adoption instead.

Fertility issues are another medical reason why couples adopt. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 19% of women experience issues getting pregnant, while 26% of women may have trouble carrying a pregnancy to term. 

LGBT+ families

One of the noteworthy differences between same-sex couples and heterosexual couples is the potential for reproduction. Two women will not be able to bring new life into this world without some kind of outside help, and the same is true for two men.

Adoption can help those who want to be parents overcome reproductive limitations. Adoption can also help if one partner has already adopted a child or has a biological child. The spouse who does not already have a pre-existing biological or legal relationship with the child can adopt them. Stepparents in blended families sometimes pursue similar adoptions. 

Family need

You may have never considered adopting until your sister went to prison or your brother died in a car crash. All of the sudden, there are family members who need support and who might go into foster care if you don’t intervene. Adoptions within a family are common when death, health issues, abandonment, addiction or incarceration prevent a parent from being there for the children.

Learning more about the reasons people pursue adoption may encourage you to take the next step to expand your family.


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