Your Future: Estate Planning Services

Many people wait until there is a crisis to think about estate planning. A health or financial crisis is a terrible time to be forced into making serious decisions. The best time to plan is now.

Who Needs A Will?

The truth is anyone who has a full-time job, home, retirement account, spouse or children or dependents should have a basic will. It is advisable to create a health care directive and a power of attorney (POA) as well. Creating these documents can take an undue burden off of loved ones should the unthinkable happen. Likewise, if you experience a major change in your life, such as new family members, a serious illness or health event, or a divorce, it is likely a good time to create or review estate planning documents and update them.

3 Things Everyone Should Have

There are three legal documents anyone over 30 could benefit from.

  1. A simple will: Waiting until there is a crisis can bring stress and contention to an already tense situation. A simple will is important because having this document makes your wishes known and your passing easier for your family. Having a legal will takes the pressure of guessing what you would have wanted off of your family. Having a legally prepared will can also make the probate process much smoother.
  2. A power of attorney (POA): In the event you cannot make financial decisions for yourself a POA appoints someone to do so for you. The person you appoint can be a family member trusted friend, or anyone you believe will handle your financial affairs the way you would want in the event that you cannot.
  3. A health care directive: What do you want to happen in the event that you are deemed terminally ill or unconscious for days, months or longer? A health care directive grants someone you trust to make decisions for you. Once established, the person you appoint is obliged to carry out your wishes. This clarifies what you want to happen – for example, the steps you want taken in the event that two doctors concur that you regaining consciousness is unlikely or impossible.

In Georgia you will need a POA if two doctors declare you incompetent to handle your affairs. No one wants to think about this, but the best time to plan is now. Accidents, strokes and serious illness can happen at any time. You don't want to put an undue burden on your spouse, children or close friend. A legally created POA saves time and money and will keep your case out of court.

The Time To Plan Is Now

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