Fighting For You When It Comes To Division Of Your Marital Estate

When you and your spouse divorce, it's not just about who gets the car, the house or the couch. You do have to divide up not only all of your physical property, but also your marital assets and debts. At The Law Office of Ashley McCartney, LLC, we help you define what is and is not marital property, and we work with your spouse's lawyer on negotiations for the property and assets you feel you need to be financially stable going forward.

How The Asset Division Process Works

Georgia is an equitable distribution state, meaning your property will be divided between you and your spouse "fairly" as opposed to equally. There are many factors to consider for property division, including:

  • Each spouse's contribution to the marriage, including financial and homemaking contributions
  • Whether one spouse supported the other during the pursuit of education
  • Custody of the children
  • The amount of money each spouse currently earns

Assets like stocks, bonds and savings accounts may be subject to equitable division if acquired as a direct result of the labor or contributions of the parties during the marriage. Retirement accounts such as pensions, 401(k)s and military retirement may also be subject to equitable division if they were acquired during the marriage. While some of these assets may end up being defined as nonmarital property, in most cases, any increase in value due to contributions during the marriage must be taken into account and divided accordingly. Our north Atlanta asset division attorney will go through all of the assets owned by you and your spouse and give you a realistic opinion of what you can expect. We can also draft a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) to ensure you receive your share of your spouse's assets when they mature.

For those who own businesses, we do a business valuation to determine the worth of the business at the beginning of the marriage and the worth at the time of the divorce to see how that should be accounted for.

Close Attention To Detail

We sit down with you to review your financial situation as well as that of your spouse. We look at all of your assets and your debts to determine an equitable division of both. We look at ways to compensate each of you for things the other wants. For instance, if one spouse takes the house, the other receives a larger portion of other property and assets. We discuss the things that you want to keep and things that you are willing to negotiate for.

Find Out More About Your Legal Options

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